About Us

About Us

How it all started

We are not a typical softwer house. We were established in 2007 just after announce of the iPhone. We've noticed a big potential in mobile future and wanted to help our clients, to build and expand their businesses with the help of new mobile technology which we believe can be better and more effective. Looking for people that are thinking the same way we have decided to build our company based on "no office" idea. This approach let us be more capable, and more hardworking than the competition, made us an experienced team able to cooperate with international clients who keep on coming back to us, and complex IT projects.

After eleven years on the market and co-workers based in different countries we are now more than sure that it was a right way to develop our company.

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Why clients keep on coming back to us

Scallable team

We can expand the team almost instatntly.


Effective two-way communication with the use of tools and way you preffer.



We never leave our clients and offer help and all necessary support.

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